This is how I would like the pages setup. If you don't set it up this way, no biggie, I will probably rearrange and format it for you at some point. If you think the style is stupid, suggest a new style.

All book pages should use the Book1 Infobox template.

For books that have 2 distinctive time periods, with the exception of the first book, the sections should be split by Book header> Time period > story sections

Book Header - Heading

Time Period - Sub Heading 1

Story Sections - Sub Heading 2

Synopsis - paragraph

All Character pages should use the Magiccharacter infobox template.

Please limit the number of direct quotes from the books. If you do include a direct quote, please use reference tags. If you don't know how, I can show you. Never take exact phrasing from the books unless you are quoting it. Use your own words.

If you upload fan made art, please ask the artist for permission. If you do not receive permission, do not use it.

I have no problem using the art from the books without permission. At least until Amazon tells us to stop, which is very unlikely.