Roy appears to be the first person to find the file but is the last one to arrive in medieval England. He worked on the skunk works project at Lockheed; specifically on the SR-71 Blackbird. Lockheed purchased an IBM 360 Mainframe computer and Roy was in charge of finding ways to apply it. He wanted to see what other divisions were using it for, so he loaded up all of the tapes and started snooping. Roy encountered a file that was much too large to fit on one of the magnetic tapes which only held 170MB, so his interest was piqued. After figuring out what he was looking at, he considered giving himself a ton of money but then realized it was a quick way to get caught. He began using the repository file to improve the specs on his plane. Roy was moved to another project but Lockheed was still trying to make more blackbirds. They failed to get anywhere near the same results as Roy, so they came for him. Earlier that year, Roy had read a book by Gilbert Cox called The Best years to live in Medieval England. When the CIA and DOD came looking for Roy, he panicked and traveled back to 1150. The IBM 360 isn't the type of computer that you can take with you, so this was a one way trip for Roy. He planned on surviving using his engineering skills.