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This is a page where I am keeping my unanswered questions. I wanted to be able to Edit this page, so I didn't put it in the Discussions.

Q:In OTBTW, Tyler tells Martin that Gary trained both himself and Jeff but in AUQ, the dialogue makes it sounds like Todd was Gary's first trainee. Phillip asked "So, Gary, How'd you enjoy having an apprentice?" followed by "Gary winced,which was funny, because that was exactly how most of the people who knew Gary had reacted when they heard it was his turn to train an apprentice"

A: "We've checked the passages in both books -- Todd wasn't Gary's first apprentice; Gary had already trained Tyler and Jeff by that point. It was just Gary's turn to train coming around again for Todd, and by that point in time, people knew enough about Gary to kind of cringe knowing that it was Gary's turn. :) (~MM)"

Q: Will Jeff ever tell everyone else about the Star Wars sequels and Anthology films?

Q: Was Roy the first known person to find the file? when is the earliest possible time that finding the file is possible?

Q: During the training, if Martin were to Flee, Phillip said they would cut off access to the file. Is this not an empty threat? Couldn't Martin have gone to the restroom, left, done just about anything he wanted to, then come back just a second later.

Q: Regarding exclusion zones. Couldn't someone easily disable another person's exclusion zone by changing the file?

Q: Why did the wizards not strip Jimmy of his access before confronting him? Why were there no redundancies for the shell?

Q: Is Nick Brit the youngers sex servant. If so, how did Phillip feel about this?

Q: How did Martin bring a TV back? Did he take it apart and bring the parts one at a time like Phillip did with his car?

Mysteries (spoilers ahead) Edit

What is the deal with Sid and Gilbert?