History Edit

Martin Banks was a 23 year old Data Entry clerk from Seattle WA at the time he found the file. He was interested in science, sci-fi, technology and dabbled in hacking. His hacking wasn't destructive, he didn't steal anything, he just liked snooping around. He found the repository file on the server of a cell phone manufacturer. Martin noticed that values were changing. When you open a file in a text editor, you are looking at a copy of the data from that file as it was at the time you opened it. Values do not change in a text editor. Out of habit, he searched for his name and surprisingly found an entry. Martin noticed the file had his actual height which was strange considering he has been lying about his height on every document since he became an adult He decided to change his height. He got up to go to the bathroom and felt a terrible pain in his groin like his pants all of a sudden shrunk. After urinating on the wall, he realized that he just grew 3 inches.This was the moment he realized what the repository file actually was, it was the source code to reality itself.